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Mischa Barton: Why I Went Blonde

Why did actress Mischa Barton go blonde?

“It’s just perfect and handy for the summer,” the 22-year-old told at Project Malibu Beach House in Malibu, CA Saturday.

“It’s just temporary,” she explained. “I’m about to go off into other roles and I’ll probably have to completely change it up again.”

Barton – best known for her role on The O.C. – has six films in the works, including You and I, Homecoming, and Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain.


As an aside, some additional shots from the Boost Mobil Barbecue have been uploaded courtesy the always helpful Mel from Blake Lively Web.

3 Responses

lauren Says:

mischa just looks soo stunning and pretty i like her hair and make up and i like her dress and i like her bag she is my favourite actress

Ashley Says:

Have to total agree w/ Lauren girl!!! Everything she said!!!

She looking really PRETTY HERE!!!


She also my fav actress too!!!

Bambang Says:

Good on you, Mischa! Just follow your heart, sweet!..

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