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Mischa-B.Com: New Layout

The brand new design for the site is now up and running!! I’m dying for The Beautiful Life life to start airing so I decided to jump on the TBL bandwagon early and get the promo going from my end.

Huge and MASSIVE thanks to the awesome Michele from Luke Grimes Net and Dustin Milligan Net for the new design. Michele was kind enough to make the layout free of charge and devoted a lot of time fixing coding issues. Some of you may even remember Michele from years back when Shanna was the head webmaster.

I hope you guys like the design as much as I do!! Thanks again Michele.

Quick sidenote, the gallery will be customized to fit the new layout hopefully early next week.

6 Responses

Gala Says:

AMAZING layout!!! Congrats :)

miaka Says:

great layout, i like changes

Claris Says:

OMG! awesome! I loved the new layout! x)

lauren Says:

wow i love the new layout it looks great

amira Says:


michal Says:

it looks definitely amazing! love it!! <3333

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