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Mischa’s official blog has been updated with a new entry of Mischa’s stay in India. Check it out below but make sure to visit the site and leave a comment.

So guys India has been amazing. A little frenetic, as they do things a little different here! So it’s been tough with the long shoot days to check in much! But the people are amazing, so eager to please and I’ve learned so much from them.

I’ve been having an amazing spiritual exploration visiting Hindu temples and learning about Buddhism, both beautiful religions. Hyderabad where we’re filming is a real inspiration in the fact that Christians, Muslims and Hindus all get along so harmoniously. I must admit I used to make fun of people who were all into yoga and chai tea thinking it was another ridiculous health fad. But now I’m that person! First of all Masala Chai tea, the traditional way with milk and sugar is delicious, and this is coming from a brit who only likes my breakfast tea!

I must say my goal coming here was to learn to play the sitar and it’s coming along real slow as apparently it’s not that easy to procure a great sitar teacher here, I guess it not late 60’s with Ravi Shankar and George Harrison roaming around unfortunately!!!!

Goa was my christmas break, and it was stunning, I actually went to South Goa (which isn’t the party side of town) thats the North bit, but I’ll post tons of footage for you guys out there. If only technology didn’t hate me and I was decent with electronics!  But I went parasailing, jet skiing and swimming in the ocean for ages every day. The colors, fabrics, food will blow your mind….so stay tuned to see me on my vacation and what I got up to.


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padma sun Says:

namaste ,mischa….i loved hearing you were in india..goa is my second home..ive been going since 80 s..i was on the way and cancelled after i want to there any way to meet you? I also studied indian dance..kathsak, yoga and natural foods, buddhism and meditation…my daughter is 18 and we are in los angeles as she is studying modelling and acting….how long will you be in india? im glad you love it as i do..the colors, the people, the life is so real there..i miss it so much..pls write me and if its at all possible to meet you let me know…also if you need extras for your daughter is tall…6 ft blonde and beutiful…so maybe..hope..pls write me at forward to hearing from you…blessings and love for a wonderful year full of light and peace and all your dreams coming true…xoxo shakti

padma sun Says:

please write me asap..i m coming india soom xo

Teresa Says:

:O So mush Info :O

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