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Mischa considers launching a fashion line

MISCHA BARTON is in talks to launch a full fashion line, expanding on her current handbag label. The OC actress flew to Beijing last week to meet with manufacturers about the possibility of expanding her design repertoire.

“It’s something I really want to do,” she told us. “It’ll be Forties-meets-Seventies with the occasionally bit of Twenties – that sounds a bit random, but I’ll take elements of different decades. It’ll be a bit like Biba, but with a real simplicity of cut and lots of bright colours. The fabrics will be great quality, and there will be lots of separates, like slacks and shirts. I want people to be able to mix and match.”

Although based in the States, British-born Barton’s fashion heart still belongs to London.

“It’s my favourite city for style and shopping,” she said. “I love Vivienne Westwood obviously, but I’m also a massive fan of Giles. He always puts on a great show, and his clothes are bit futuristic – but interesting and different too. You feel confident in them, but brave.”

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Caleb Says:

I can see this thing kind of failing, mainly cause a lot of people don’t like her style. But really, I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of her acting career.

Jayme Says:

I could see Mischa Barton with a fashion line. She’s very creative in all fields and her handbag line has proved to be quite successful. Her style is unique and I think people would be open to this idea of her designing clothes. I know I am. I agree with Caleb though, Mischa really needs to focus on her acting and get her name back out there in mainstream films.

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