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Mischa Driving

Somehow how I missed this set when they first surfaced, so here is a belated update featuring some shots of Mischa driving in West Hollywood from June 24th. Some of the facial expressions are priceless, lol.

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Olly Says:

Absolutely adore photo/file 7/20 – maybe my favourite of the year – (without make-up!)
Does anyone know the song ‘Jackie Wilson Said’ by Van Morrison? The lyrics always make me think of Mischa :

‘I’m in heaven,I’m in heaven
I’m in heaven when you smile
When you smile,when you smile
And when you walk
Across the road
You make my heat go Boom-boom-boom’

Daniella Says:


did you see Mischa Barton on today’s WhoWhatWear story on small satchels??

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