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Mischa hits the gym & Urth Cafe

Candids of Mischa hitting the gym in Hollywood have been added. There are some other candids from the same day of Mischa at lunch which I hope to add soon.

Update 13/4

Mischa at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood – Apr 12

9 Responses

Piero Says:

Just adored Mischa
‘re a little more meat … but you’re adorable
I would like very much to see you happy, I’m crazy for you lost

a big hug, you are unique and wonderful

Piero, and little Alberto Misco. (from italy)

mirko Says:

mischa you are my life..i love you so much!

mischa = love Says:

i love mischa barton — thats beautiful woman

Love is Love
i love my love
my love is you
so i love you

mischa = love Says:

If you hold 11 flowers
and look to the mirror
you will see the most
beautiful 12 flowers in the word

Lila Says:

Omg at the crazy dude…

Sara Says:

creepy. how many names does he have now?

Georgia Says:

God knows! I really wish he would go away…he gives me the creeps.

Mischa looks happy, which is nice to see 😀

Sara Says:

I love her hair- so jealous.

LostSoul Says:

Glad to see her getting back into shape; and looking genuinely happy.

I see her getting her life back on track by the end of the year – Yea Mischa!

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