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Mischa Impossible

Winsome Anglo-Irish actress Mischa Barton is the girl with everything: beauty, a successful modelling and designing career and a ritzy Manhattan home.

There is just one thing missing — she tells me it’s almost impossible to find a decent boyfriend.
‘I’ve given up men,’ the OC star says at a cocktail party for the new £190,000 Aston Martin Vanquish
‘Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there for me. My last three boyfriends haven’t worked out, so I’m giving guys a rest for a while. I’m putting all my love, care and attention into my three dogs.

‘Don’t ask why, but they are a good replacement for men in terms of affection.’
Mischa, 26, who has a penchant for dating musicians and models, adds of her canine companions: ‘I’m missing and pining for them madly as I’ve had to leave them in my New York apartment.’

Source: Daily Mail

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