First photos of Mischa have emerged from July 19th allegedly taken inside the psych ward at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills. No other information was given, but at least Mischa is well enough to be up walking and fully dressed. Its unclear if she will be leaving the hospital soon but I’m sure we’ll get more information over the coming days. Hit up Celebrity-Gossip for the photos as these shots will also not be added to the mischa-b gallery archive.

Mischa at Cedars Sinai

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  1. Viktoria

    HI! I very soffr about Mischa. With impatience I wait to be fine. I do not know much English, so sorry for mistakes.
    I want to tell you that you have an incredible site. It is not sleazy like most sites. I love this site! Great job!

  2. Anselmikus

    Hm, I mean the story about the dental surgery sounded quite feasible according to the images from saturday, but the story from celebrity gossip sounds really horrible. If she really tried to kill herself after taking drugs, she will definitely not be able to act again in one week. But I cannot believe that suicide rumors, she is beautiful, has a lot of fans, is successful and a real it-girl, so why should there be any reason to do that?

    The only strange thing, which makes me feel uncomfortable with the situation, is that Mischa’s management did not tell anything reliable. I hope they do soon and we can read it here!

  3. nandayarou

    I don’t know if you’d be interested in this. But I made a post on ONTD about it (and before anyone says anything on the matter, just finish reading what I have to say?).
    So anyways, after some time we got the pictures detailed information and managed to contact the hospital on the matter; today we heard back from them and they said it was going to be helpful on their investigation, thanks, and that they’re on it.

    Again, not sure if you’re interested, but the thread where we discuss this is this:
    The user calimoonchild sent me a PM telling me their answer today…

    Well, I just wanted to let ya know that at least now they’re investigating this whole leak and all… :)

  4. Sam

    Thanks for the info :D Really nice to hear that people care enough about that gross invasion of privacy to try and help get to the bottom of it.


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