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Mischa On The View

Here is the full interview of Mischa on The View. I’ll have a download link up for it on Monday.

4 Responses

EX-FAN Says:

B. Walters: “What helped you get through it?”
M. Barton: *thinking as she answers* “The fact that people worship me for absolutely no reason and continue to give me money without having to work too hard. The fact that I am a skill-less, unintelligent, and useless person and yet I am as famous as Jesus, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa; if not more. The fact that thousands of women die every year from eating disorder related illnesses because they attempt to attain the “perfect body” template that I adhere to. The fact that men want to be with me and fantasize about me while with their girl-friends, wives or when they are alone with lotion. The fact that those men like me because I have an unrealistic body, complexion, and wardrobe and then reject normal women because they don’t look like me. The fact that people will continue to worship me as god-like as long as I continue to talk out of my crooked pout to produce a man-like voice. The fact that I am worshiped by ‘these people’ who don’t know any
better because they are insecure with themselves. The fact that if I stopped throwing a f*cking tantrum I could be paid thousands of dollars to appear in talk shows like The View to talk about my tantrum. That is what got me through.”

In order to be committed to a psychiatric ward you have to be of harm to yourself or someone else. It has to be approved by a judge. It is up for renewal every 72 hours by a judge. It isn’t too easy to get committed and you did, for TWO WEEKS.
I used to be your fan, but seeing you lie through your teeth has incredibly disgusted me.
You expect us to believe what you said? You expect us to be uneducated sheep that follow your every word without question?
The fact is that you lied. And you lied for stupid selfish reasons. If you weren’t ready to talk about it then why did you go on The View?
I was excited about TBL, not anymore.
Lastly, the fact that you referred to your peers at the psychiatric ward as “[those] people” and said that you were nothing like them only tells me that you are nothing but a selfish person who is incapable of inward reflection. Perhaps all you are is just a highly mutated reptile.


Sam Says:

Normally I’d delete the rants of haters who aren’t welcome here in the first place.

But I would like to reply to this comment by saying that Mischa doesn’t owe us or anybody else any kind of explanation. She gave the public what she was comfortable giving. It’s none of your damn business.

You seem to feel entitled to details of her private life during what was clearly a traumatic situation for her. That attests to the extreme lack of character on your part and not hers. Instead of being happy that a young girl is healthy and back on track again, you choose to pursue incredible negativity.

The FACT is that you have NO idea what happened to her. Please don’t come here pretending to have a clue.

And FYI, she was not committed for 2 weeks. It was a few days. She is better off without fans like you.

Michele Says:

Ex-Fan, You should really get a life.

Well done, Sam 😀

Piero Says:

Adorated mischa

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