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Mischa shoots scenes for Ben Banks The Movie

So guys, Mischa is currently in St. George, Utah filming scenes for Ben Banks The Movie. According to the press that I’ll post below, Mischa will really only be shooting for about a week. The film has an official site, Facebook page, Tumblr page and Twitter page up and running so visit those links for more information.

Mischa will be playing the character of Amy: the love interest. The character also seems to be a former porn star.

Here are a couple of snippets about Mischa’s involvement with the film from a Utah-based news website called The Spectrum:

Banks says has enjoyed working with some “known-names” like Hardin, whom he describes as “super-rad” and “down to earth.” He’s also excited to shoot scenes with Mischa Barton of “The O.C.” fame, who plays the role of Amy, Banks’ love interest. Barton will be in town for the final week of shooting.

Although Banks says there is no “real Amy” in his life, he is optimistic about filming the kissing scenes opposite a famous actress.

“Pretty much looking forward to it,” he says with a grin.

To read the full article which talks more about the general plot of the movie, click here.

And here are a couple of Mischa mentions from Twitter posted by @coolcruelmom

– Mischa Barton on the movie set today and for the rest of the week. Wonder how she likes St. George….

– Mischa’s puppy Ziggy was making a little too much noise and had to be escorted off the set…. by Mischa…..crew got to dogsit! Ha!

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kadence Says:

Very low budget indie. I’m not sure why you say that her character seems to be a former porn star, the article specifically says she was.

Sam Says:

I’m not exactly sure why that’s such a bothersome phrase. I’ve not personally seen the script so I guess I chose not to speak with complete certainty.

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