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Mischa Tatler Scans

Its taken a little longer than I had anticipated, but here finally are the scans of Mischa’s spread from Tatler UK. Thanks to all the people who tried to help with getting scans.

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Francesco Says:

beautiful mischa ….. fantastic photos for tatler magazine …

TK Says:

Thank you very very much!

fatih Says:

ah daar hebbe we fatih al

fatih Says:

I follow everything and I find you very beautiful

Dee Says:

Mischa is the biggest bull shit artist ever. Now she got her ass kicked in school. And she was made fun of for acting. Except she did go to the professional Children’s school in NYC. She has often said that the public school she was in had issue with the number of absences which is understandable since she was work – so she and her family switched to a school that understood the demands of her career.

And having had to deal with her a few times, Mischa is not a particularly pleasant person. The wisdom tooth thing is such a load of crap. I don’t doubt that she had them removed, but she was also out partying and drinking after it was done – that doesn’t help and can cause dry socket which was what she originally said was the problem.

The police were involved with her commitment since Mischa called them herself. She shouldn’t try to rewrite her history. She’s not that good an actress.

Olly Says:

What a snide,bitter,small-minded,poorly written – your first paragraph makes very little sense – and unpleasant comment,Dee.
Every celebrity has a public image to maintain and protect.None of them are as silly and naive as to go around telling everybody the complete truth.You don’t know the full story – for all your unproven,supposed inside knowledge.I do not know the full story or the truth either.We can only go on her work.Whilst of school-age Mischa made several bravura film performances,in Lawn Dogs especially.
Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.What is your special talent that you have shared with the world? How many people have you entertained or made happy in your life?

ij Says:

Actually, I think she is a really good actress. I heard she was going to play a young woman who was kind of coerced into prostitution in an episode of law and order and I thought there is no way she will make a good job of that BUT I saw it and she was excellent – genuine and quite moving. Hollywood is littered with the casualties of fame – it screws with some peoples heads and they end up taking drugs and drinking etc to deal with it – look at Heath Ledger recently, poor chap. Anyway, we all have times when we are not particularly pleasant – had a bad day today? Feel a bit fractious? You know what I mean…I heard she had quit drinking – that might help…

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