According to The Sun, Mischa has filmed an interview for a show hosted by British personality Fearne Cotton.

MISCHA Barton is set to reveal all about her breakdown in a one-off show with Fearne Cotton, TV Biz can reveal.

Radio One host Fearne, 28, flew to the US to interview the 24-year-old for the second series of ITV2 show Fearne And…

Mischa, former star of The OC, checked into a psychiatric unit last summer.

I haven’t been able to find an air date or any other information so maybe some of the British visitors can shed more light on this.

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  1. Olly

    Can’t find much more out here in West London,I’m afraid,Sam. Fearne Cotton is a profoundly trivial and irritating presenter…her first series of interviews included a toe-curling,too-embarrassing-to-watch effort with talentless Peaches Geldof and a pathetic ingratiating attempt to find The Real Paris Hilton. Beth Ditto and Perez Hilton are also featured in Ms. Cotton’s new series.I’ll post a note on here when the Mischa interview is aired in the UK .


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