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Mischa visits Starbucks

Candids of Mischa out at a Starbucks in Los Angeles have been added. This unfortunately isn’t the most flattering outfit she’s ever worn.

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M. Says:

I love Mischa and everything but honestly, she needs to take the money she is wasting on terrible clothes and invest in a sylist, because I worry about her these days.

M. Says:


Piero Says:

Adored Mischa
I’m really happy to see you again

one big kiss your friend Piero (Italy)

ahmed & mischa Says:

ilove mischa but i hope to see in work and beautiful

ahmed and mischa = love love …………………

ahmed & mischa Says:

I’m sorry for saying this, but so is my love and I want you like a movie homecoming

please mischa — ilove you please

mischa fan Says:

she really needs to do something about herself, poor mischa

mischalove Says:

fantasticc. love u mischa whatever she wears she just looks amazing

M. Says:

she does not look amazing in that outfit. No one would look amazing in that outfit. Period.

Elle Says:

The outfit isn’t bad… it’s indie. It’s cute. The problem is that Mischa’s FAT. What the hell has happened to her? She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she’s losing the plot. This girl doesn’t need a stylist, she needs to see a therapist and sort out her “issues”.

Mandy Says:

OK, I used to like her, but what happen to her body right now? Terrible! Like Elle said, go for a therapist and figure out her issues!

violet Says:

hey, leave the girl alone! I agree it’s not the most sexy thing she’s ever worn, but she deserves more support. she’s recovering! I suppose you liked her better when she was a skinny druggie? please, think twice. first people hate on her ’cause she looks like she has anorexia, then people hate on her ’cause she’s wearing her bigger butt in banana pants! IMO she looks just cute :]

Mischa support Says:

Totally agree with Violot. If you guys really like her, should stop saying those craps about her.

Mischa support Says:

Plus, haven’t you ever made a bad choice of outfit? Or lost/won some weight? Mischa is an human being like everyone else, so I think you should just think twice and look for yourselves before judge her like this.

sara Says:

How can you say she’s fat? mischa’s isn’t fat at all!! she just has a normal body. I’d rather say she thin tahn fat

LostSoul Says:

Agreed, Sara. Before; she was very thin. And, for a teen of her build; that’s okay. But, you can’t stay like that forever; it’s just not healthy. I’d much prefer her to stay curvy; a more normal looking weight. She’s getting there; but, still has a ways to go to be the right weight for her height. But, I do agree she’s had better looking outfits. And, the pants are way too small for her curviness. But, we could all use a few more ab crunches in our lives; her too.

LooksGood Says:

People forget that in the past she was still a teenager and growing into her body. It is very obvious now that she is naturally very pear shaped, she is probably no more than a full A cup up top but has a very curvy bottom and a pretty noticeable front pooch. There is nothing wrong with this – it’s her natural body shape. And if you look at the size of her father and Nuala, she probably naturally inherited a lot of plus-size genes. I think her body, right now, looks better than it ever has. She looks like a girl who actually eats real food as opposed to starving herself.

Oh, and as a guy, I think her outfit is dead cute! OK, maybe she could have gone a half size up on the pants but I love the high waisted look and the floral shirt is very indie and hip. The ONLY fashion criticism I have is the black bra and very visible bikini underwear VPL. She should have been wearing a white or nude bra and with pants that are light colored and tighter, should have worn either boyshorts or full cut briefs.

mischa fan Says:


Sara Says:

None of us can possibly know whether she is at a healthy weight or not. None of us can possibly know whether or not she is seeing a therapist or not. None of us should know these things about her. Her outfit is cute- these are paparazzi shots, not the airbrushed photos we are used to seeing in magazines.I could totally see her rocking this look in a magazine like NYLON.

Elle Says:

She’s over-weight, you can see it in all the photos. And if you don’t think she’s fat for her frame then you need to get your eyes checked. In addition if her family and friends aren’t highlighting the problem to her, then it’s the tabloids who will. Just like everyone raves on and on about how it’s unhealthy to be too thin, well golly gosh it’s also unhealthy to be overweight. And Mischa has gained weight recently (and it’s not muscle from working out too much). Moreso, in some of these photos it looks like her hair hasn’t been washed for days… I’m not hating on her, in fact i have always really liked her as an actress, i just think it’s sad to see her the way she is at the moment when in reality she has so much potential.

Sara Says:

Are you her doctor?

mischa fan Says:

Not her doctor but it´s kind of obvious when you see the pics

Sara Says:

There is a difference between not looking toned and being overweight.

Georgia Says:

Oh dear, people have a really scary view on weight now. THAT IS NO MORE FAT THEN WE ARE HUMAN. GET A LIFE AND STOP BASHING OUR GIRL! I cannot stand people who search for things to criticize. If you have a problem with Mischa, THEN GO AWAY! We don’t want you here. If Mischa is so horrible why do you spend your useless time looking at pictures of her. When you say, “Mischa used to be pretty, now she’s yuck,” or other horrendous comments, then you really need to take an honest look at Mischa. She is a very lovely looking woman and doesn’t deserve such treatment. Maybe she has changed her look, maybe she has dyed her hair, maybe she has lost/gained weight, maybe she does wear strange clothing at times, maybe she isn’t what we all remember her as being in The O.C., but for goodness sake, she was just a girl then. How many of you look like you did when you were 16/17? How many of you have put on weight and had hair colours that weren’t flattering? How many of you have worn something that in the moment you thought would be cool? How many of you are HUMAN BEINGS?!!!! Please GO AWAY and leave us fans alone. Mischa has done nothing to upset you personally, so why should you pick on her? Are you doing it to fulfill your own self-esteem issues? Do you like making others feel bad because of how you look or something? I am no longer a fan of Blake Lively, but I don’t post silly remarks on fansites showing my disdain for her. As soon as I stopped liking her, I stopped visiting the sites. I left the fans to their business. I didn’t want to upset any of them by saying what I had now come to think of Blake. So why should anyone do the same here?

I thought that Mischa’s quirky sense of style and her individuality was part of why we love her. She didn’t get up in the morning and wonder whether her outfit would please every Tom, Dick and Harry, unlike other stars whose antics are laughable. Personally I think she looks very chic and I will continue to love Mischa unconditionally, no matter what she does or how she looks because I am a fan and that means I’ll stick by her.

Why don’t people say anything about Paris Hilton? All she gets is praise. I think if you get right down to it, there are more unflattering things to say about 90% of young stars then there is to about Mischa.

I hope that we can get rid of these immature people and enjoy the new photos of our girl…like we are entitled to do.

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