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Mischa’s Miami Beach Bod – Round 2

Let’s kick off the new year of candids with some stunning photos of Mischa jet skiing on a beach in Miami. She looks outstanding!! Gossip magazines worldwide were unusually complimentary over the first batch of beach candids we got. So let’s hope the international media grasp onto these photos in the same way.

I’ve also added some candids of Mischa having lunch at her beachfront hotel from a little later in the day.

8 Responses

Piero Says:

I am really sick!!! – Every time I see her … I tremble with joy

I’m looking at the pictures, you’re better than a goddess AdoDER MISCHA

you’re happy, serene, I am creazy happiness ‘, so when I see you’

I love

Angeline Says:

She looks better than ever. Gosh! I loved this new hair color, so natural and chic. <3

Olly Says:

Amazing,astounding,astonishing,sparkling,jaw-dropping,ravishing,breath-taking,heart-stopping,polka-dot chic,triumphant,vindicated,resurgent,fantastic #GoForthAndMultiplyDailyMail,wonderful,gorgeous,beautiful,marvellous,superb,incredible,pulchritudinous,enchanting…………. and best of all………………. Mischa looks HAPPY !! <3 <3 <3

Olly Says:

Who is the little hairy guy,Sam or anyone? If he is MB’s current fella then he seems to have more character about him than anaemic Brit DJ Ali of luck small hirsute man..treat her nice.

I love the image/file 18 out of 127 and it made me think:
“When Mischa smiles I’m in heaven…..she makes my heart go boom,boom,boom.”

yassora Says:

i can’t say anything ,,but i can just say she’s so beauty such as a beautiful butterfly ♥♥♥ i love u ,,kissss<3

yassora Says:

all Gossip between sites about.. Mischa Barton♥ on Miami Beach

Mischa Barton Gets Her Bikini Body Back
Sexy Stars Beat The Post-Holiday Blues In Miami Beach-mischa
Jason Statham and partner Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Mischa Barton prefer Miami to Barbados, Mexico and St Barthelemy
Lasst die Sonne rein!
Mischa Barton cochila em tarde relaxante,,EMI286650-9531,00-MISCHA+BARTON+COCHILA+EM+TARDE+RELAXANTE.html
by :

Sam Says:

I just remember him from chaperoning Mischa to her press engagements during her most recent trip to Russia. I don’t know for certain, but I would think he’s some kind of publicist.

Mischa reportedly attended a New Year’s party hosted in St. Barts by Roman Abramovich who is the boyfriend of Dasha Zhukova, a Russian/American fashion designer that Mischa knows. I assume the mystery guy in the candids may have also been invited to that party and/or was hired as Mischa’s liaison. And as can be the case, professional relationships turn into personal ones. I don’t think they are romantically linked as some tabloids have suggested, though.

Olly Says:

Thank-you for that,Sam.
Seems very much as you suggest – chaperone and not boyfriend.
He’s doing a great job all the same as Mischa moves forward through her marvellous Miami Christmas and into the new year in such sparkling scintillating spectacular sensational super-fineandfoxy fashion.

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