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Mischa’s Miami Beach Bod

A stunning Mischa showed off her toned body and recently coloured hair at a beach in Miami. Check out the photos here. She looks incredible!!

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yassora Says:

she looks great!! soooo glad to see her looking like her old self again,she’s comeback comeback comeback xoxo so beauty

<3<3<3<3<3 i love u too whenever forever

Olly Says:

What a wonderful belated Christmas present,Sam! Thank-you very much.

Mischa’s toned lissom long bikini body is looking as good as it ever has and I’m really digging those white-rimmed sunglasses ‘n’all. I note Mischa’s hirsute companion is diminutive and I admire Mischa’s largesse and generosity of spirit in giving the shorter sucker an even break and some quality MB time,once again.

I loved every single one of those delightful 114 pics.

The book Mischa is reading – ‘A Visit From The Goon Squad’ by Jennifer Egan – is a ‘polyphonic,kaleidoscopic,cacophany of disparate atomised characters’,apparently.
I’m ordering it from Foyles here in the UK.


Finally an update, thanks Sam.

Adored You look great mischa
a fabulous body, only small defects:
I do not like lipstick.

You look fantastic mischa

Olly Says:

You don’t like lipstick,Piero ! ! !???

Don’t look at this photo then:

yassora Says:

Mischa Barton finally returned to her happy and healthy self
US Weekly snapped a picture of the star while she soaked up the sun in Miami yesterday afternoon. Ever since she left The O.C. in 2006, the media constantly criticized Barton’s appearance. Whether it was her grungy wardrobe in 2007 or her serious weight gain in 2009, she couldn’t escape the nasty comments. Now, they have nothing but compliments for the actress who happily showed off her toned tummy in a two piece.
But the biggest change of all: the smile on her face. For the past few years, the star seemed sad whereever she went. It wasn’t until last year that Barton opened up about her battle with depression.
It seems that she’s ending 2011 on a good note, having just wrapped up filming for The Misadventures of Ben Blanks. Perhaps 2012 will finally be her year.

Olly Says:

Sorry about the earlier bad link.. I’m gonna try’s a wonderful picture:

ij Says:

I’ve read the Egan book. Some of it is good, some of the characters are engaging and affecting but parts of it are a bit irritating – occasionally she seems to want to cram as much information into a paragraph as possible which gets annoying. I read a tweet by Mischa that said she was reading Dosteovsky – possibly not the best writer to read if you suffer from visits from the Black Dog – i read about ten pages of one of his books in a book shop a few years ago and it was so depressing – really miserable stuff – i know they are classics but still it was just so miserable and gloomy.

Olly Says:

Yeah IJ, I had a rethink on the Egan book..a couple of teachers have told me it’soverwritten experimental two-bob tommyrot.
Wonder if MB’s read The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera or Nabokov’s Lolita or The Confederacy of Dunces? This and Winona Ryder’s favourite The Catcher In The Rye might be the sort of novels that would suit her.

ij Says:

I think that sums up the Egan book – the catcher in the rye is remarkable – so genuine and evocative – I would imagine she has read it – wouldn’t Americans read that at school?

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