Candids of Mischa departing Nice airport with a dude apparently named Alexander have been added. Looks like Mischa has a new boyfriend! According to media spec anyway, and the obvious making out in these pics.

Thanks to the awesome Katya from her amazing Eva Longoria site for the pics!

4 Responses

  1. Piero

    I am very happy to see you well
    a little envious of that man, lucky him
    Mischa always pray for you with all my heart,
    can not imagine how much I love

    A big hug with love and affection Piero and little Alberto Misco

    thank you all and to SAM

  2. Elly

    Oh, I have found it happy with him. :)
    & She bought from a cake at Paul, I like that, them cakes are delicious there low. <3

  3. Olly

    I want Mischa to be happy. If this fella is helping to do that,then I’m happy. Go Mischa!!!!!!!!!!


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