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Mischa’s rep comments on Melrose Place

This from from an MTV news story about Ashlee Simpson joining the cast of the show:

In addition to the rumor that Locklear will be back for more backstabbing fun, “O.C.” alum Mischa Barton is rumored to make her return to the small screen for “Melrose Place.” If she does, reports she’ll play the good girl — either med student Lauren or schoolteacher Riley.

“This is news to me,” a rep for Barton told MTV News. “She’s just returned from Europe and heading there again for contractual commitments, but I know she has been reviewing scripts for pilot season, though I haven’t heard of anything specific.”

2 Responses

David Says:

Huh. That is literally no help. You think the rep would ask Mischa about it. Kind if weird. But she is lookign at scripts so thats a good thing. Hopefully she does it.

jenny Says:

I really really really want her to be on it!!! i loved her on the o.c and i think this would be great for her! if true. Good luck mischa on the auditions im sure youll nail it

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