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MOCA Exhibition Preview Of “Rodarte: States Of Matter”

Photos of Mischa at the MOCA Exhibition Preview of “Rodarte: States Of Matter” have been added. I thought she looked amazing in the candids below, but she’s looking especially beautiful here.

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Caleb Says:

She wasn’t looking so good in the L.A. candids, but she looks really good here. Hope there’s a film for her coming up soon.

mirko Says:

mischa is finally back!!


Really ? Her face is great without outrageous black eyeliner but her outfit is just hilariious. Looking like a robe. I was also amazed by her summer look in the blue dress. THAT was nicer than the other candid because it compliments her body, still funny though.

Sis Says:

Her dress is beautiful! So feminine and easy.

Piero Says:

In the third picture you’re a heart attack

ij Says:

I really think she is one of the great beauties of the 21st century but why she so often has make up done like that i just don’t know – it seems to detract from her beauty not compliment it which it should

Nono Says:

For me during the next important event with all people from hollywood she should wear something like that :
This dress from Marchesa FW 11 ;

These “Pigalle” from Louboutin ;

This Clutch “Enveloppe clutch in black with patent leather” or “y-mail minaudiere in black satin” from Yves Saint Laurent handbags ;
This Clutch from mischa barton handbags ;

This hair cut ;

And this Make-up;

and not too much of jewels ^^

With there outfit mischa could be amazing? what do you think everybody ?

ij Says:

can’t imagine she ever lets anybody tell her what to wear to be honest…

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