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More Candids

More candids! The paparazzi must seriously be camped outside the hotel waiting for Mischa to enter and/or exit. Anyway, here are the new additions:
Mischa arrives back at her hotel in London – Apr 24
Mischa leaving her hotel in central London for a night out – Apr 24

3 Responses

miaka Says:

Mischa looks very tired…

daria Says:

agree with miaka – in last time on photos (not on public activity, just in usual life) she looks tired. anyway – Sam, thank for the photos! thanks for keeping us informed! it so cool, that i`m here, in russia, but can see how mischa looks today or yearsteday and what she is doing. thanks! :)

David Says:

She looks gaunt. Mayeb she needs to tan or something? She doesnt look very healthy. She was so gorgous during The OC, and in Closing the Ring….

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