Mischa is featured as part of a story on Dazed Digital for Six by Kevin Morosky. Check out her photo below.

I’ve also added an additional and stunning shot of Mischa from Jory Cordy. I’m not sure if this photo is part of the 2010 editorial as it looks like a different photo session to me, but I left it in the same album anyway.

3 Responses

  1. mischab-iconic

    I really love the second picture in black & white !!! :)

    Your website is fabulous ! I take some pictures from your gallery and i tag you so if you want one day look my blog come ! ;)

    Bye bye and Good continuation :)

  2. Piero

    It ‘s true …we all adore Mischa

    it would be nice one day, know all of us fans
    and meet the beloved Mischa,
    you are simply a heart attack

    Good continuation


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