Welcome to the new version of MISCHA-B.COM. I know people with a slower interent connection are going to want to kill me cause there are so many elements that require loading but I hope by now most people have migrated to broadband/ADSL.

The gallery and other portions of the site haven’t been transferred to the new layout yet so bare with me a little while as the swap may take some time.

I hope you guys like the new colour scheme and nature of the layout overall.

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  1. Anna

    I love the fact you have that banner on the top which lets us scroll horizontally thru the posts.
    It’s great!
    It’s my fave layout so far!
    MOLTE GRAZIE from Italy xxxxxx

  2. Leo Al

    Wowwww! It’s fantastic the new layout! It’s amazing! Great job!
    Hum…yes! I want kill you! kkkkkkkkkkk My conection is slower slower slower. :( But the beautiful layout is the compensation. :D Congratulations for excelent job!
    Ah! I have a brazilian site (yes! I’m from Brazil)about The OC… do you wanna affiliate with me??? See you there, ok? ;)
    Bye. kisses

    *sorry for English moreless.


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