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New Layout!

As you can obviously see, a new layout has been uploaded to the site. It features one of my all time favourite photos of Mischa from her recent photo shoot for Vanity with a design by the awesome Ronie from SLO Designs. Hope you guys like it! The layout is best viewed with Firefox.

8 Responses

Amie Says:

LOVE the new layout! Good job:)

lauren Says:

wow i love the new layout it looks good

Tauros Says:

WOW! It looks very beautiful and professional! I’m currently without photoshop…I miss it so much! lol

Michele Says:

Fantastic!! 😀

adriana Says:

gorgeous layout! I love it!

miaka Says:

great layout <3 purple is my favourite color :)

jaz Says:

dnt take offence to dis but yr layouts always look the same n its 2 plain n boring,yr gallery is so unorganised and quite annoying. about time the site got a decent look and a better gallery.

Justin Says:

Whoa… this site is pretty awesome :) your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. 😛

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