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New Layout

As I mentioned about a week ago on Twitter, a new layout was in the works for the site. And as you can see, it’s now up and running. Hope you guys like the change. I think it might be the first time the site has had such a dark layout. The design is by Dan from Pink Designs! A new gallery layout will follow in the near future.

10 Responses

chuckia Says:

omg, it’s so amazing *__*

Audrey Says:

OUAH, It’s amazing omgg ! :o:o:o:o
I love your web <3

Katya Says:

wow, this is really gorgeous layout! i love it!

ella Says:

I really like the design but the font is way too small. Have to ‘apple-+’ to read it without hurting my eyes.

Jason Says:

wow what photoshoot are the pics from on the new sit logo?

Sam Says:

@Ella: I increased the font size, is this better now?

@Jason: The photos come from Mischa’s Cosmo UK shoot. You can view them here:

ella Says:

Yep seems good to me now, thanks for increasing it :). Could also partly have been the computer I was on before.

Nesk Says:


ariel Says:

I love loove the new layout, and btw I love this site, It’s my favourite :)

Anselmikus Says:

I like it, too :)

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