In what is probably the quickest turn around we’ve ever had for a layout, a new theme is  now up and running. I know the previous version was popular with everyone but I just wanted to lighten things up again as the last one was dark all over. Hope you guys like this new look. It’s only the second design I’ve personally made for the site ever. The theme base is from Elegant Themes. I’ve also coded the gallery to match this new layout – although the gallery stills need some colour tweaking with the links.

15 Responses

  1. ella

    Looks good – the other one was a great design but I prefer the brightness of this one!

  2. siss

    This new layout is so much better. The other one was so dark, like you said. This one doesn´t feel as cluttered.

  3. miaka

    i think that the other one was better but this one is also very good. you do a great job with this site :)

  4. Lex

    Beautiful layout, from what shoot are the pics? I found the ones with the Plaid shirt but not the other ones with the see-through shirt.

    Thanks!! :D


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