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New Layout

New layout time again! As much as I loved the previous design, most of the visitors of this site seem to prefer lighter tones. So here we go. This layout was made by me (so don’t be too harsh, lol!) using a theme base from Elegant Themes. I hope you guys like it.

And just a side note, the latest set of candids below this post has been updated with additional shots.

13 Responses

Lila Says:

Ooooooo I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! Just perfect, great job!

Sara Says:

It’s awesome- I liked the dark one, it was just harder to read.

Eny Says:

Love the new layout Sam, is just amazing 😀

dennis Says:

It’s okay :) it’s cool :)

i love what you did with the “projects” THAT WAS REALLY COOL :)

iana louise Says:

loved it Sam 😀

I liked the dark one, it was just harder to read. +1

Piero Says:

Yesterday the site was not available,
I figured, new Layout.
Very very nice compliments.
All for about the beautiful woman
I’m ready to do anything for her.


Mel Says:

Wow! Love the new layout, its fab :o)

llaass Says:

Looks lovely! Congrats! :)

Sarah Says:

OMG! It’s absolutely awesome!
btw, I also love your gallery theme (:

xoxo Sarah / &

Mon Says:

I loooooooove it! <3

LostSoul Says:

Love the layout…Much easier to read than the last one.

And, pretty too.

Sam Says:

Thanks guys! 😀

Elly Says:

Like everyone, I find the layout is AWESOME !!

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