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New Layout!

It’s been a little while since the last layout change so I felt it was about time we had something fresh, especially after these LadyGunn photos came out which I think look awesome. So big thanks goes to Sin21 for the design, who did a great job at translating the direction I had in mind for the layout into a practical and beautiful design. I really love that it turned out quite simple and sleek design but with several pops of colour to liven it up. Hope you guys like it too.

5 Responses

Jess Says:

LOVE the new layout! I always love grey + bright colours combinations in layouts, and this one is particularly effective, with great photos of Mischa.

Love all the work you do on the site Sam :)

Francesco Says:

i love it 😀

Olly Says:

It’s pretty good,Sam & Sin21.
Fingers crossed no more ‘site down’ events for a while.

Sam Says:

Glad you guys like it :)

Regarding the downtime, Olly, my host has said that it seems to be an issue with server back-ups over the weekend. So they are actively looking into the issue but I don’t think a direct cause has been isolated just yet. I just have to cross my fingers.

LostSoul Says:

Brilliant. This is a beautiful layout. Keep up the good work here! 😉

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