So here we go. A new layout! It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a change at the site so it was definitely the right time. As the site has gotten older (almost 9 years now!!!), I’ve moved toward more simple and clean lines over too much design and clutter. I guess that’s why the previous layout remained online for so long. Anyway, I hope you guys like the updated look – especially the new slider function at the top of page which is easily changed as new projects come along.

In case anyone is wondering, there was no custom designer this time, I just went ahead and edited a premium theme called ‘especial’ – so check that out if you’re interested to see the source material. The colours are themed after the Melbourne Cup that Mischa is due to attend in November.

I’ve also tested the layout in Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and it all appears to look fine. But please do let me know if you’re having issues with anything.

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  1. Chris K

    I see nobody commented … So I’ll go first ! I like the new layout a lot ! Although I don’t like the thumbnails under the slide … The slides are gorgeous montages I like it ! And like you said it’s animated. Best of luck and thanks for all your good work and effort to keep us up to date with Mischa’s news. See you every day :-)

  2. Sam

    Thanks :D

    I was a little unsure about the thumbnails too, but they ended up growing on me. I wanted people to be able to select a slide themselves if they want to see a particular one again.


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