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Nokia’s Conspiracy For Good

Photos of Mischa at Nokia’s Conspiracy For Good event have been added. It’s a shame the make-up is a bit odd cause otherwise she looks great!

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D Says:

oh my lord…she looks absolutley terrible. I dont really want to beelive it but I think she might be doing some really bad drugs. Also she needs to darken her hair and get some colour on her or something. Wow not good photos…

Olly Says:

hmmm,D… for thought….her musician boyfriend Ali Love’s biggest hit is about the joys, or otherwise, of Ketamine …’Lost in a K-hole’.
Fingers crossed this link works – (find it very hard to differentiate between ‘l’ or ‘I’ on YouTube):

Olly Says:

sorry,maybe this –

Kim Says:

Is she trying to bring back the heroine chic look? She looks like crap.

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