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Now You See Me

Photos of Mischa looking pretty outstanding at the Summit Entertainment screening of “Now You See Me” in Los Angeles have been added.

Now You See Me Now You See Me Now You See Me Now You See Me

Candids of Mischa leaving the Arclight cinema following the event have also been added.

Arclight Arclight Arclight Arclight

4 Responses

Karina Says:

she looks beautiful on the pictures, nice and fresh… love Mischa!

Chris K Says:

I’m not that impressed … She looked so much better in BritWeek ! Does she have a stylist for special events ? I can’t believe the same person dresses her like that and also did BritWeek.

ij Says:

she looks great – it’s amazing how quickly she gains and loses weight – although i don’t suppose you should really draw attention to it

Olly Says:

A Rhapsody In Blue !
..great grooming – hair nice – and styling – short dress nice (even if MB ain’t got Alexa Chung twiglet legs)
Hello once again Mischa B peeps & hardcore loyalists ;-)).
I’ve been away and unbookmarked for a month or two in a fit of pique of MB negativity – will her rep and acting career ever go forward again? but now back on board with renewed fervour ; #MyMischaRightOrWrong! #MischaIsOurDarling #MischaForEver!

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