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Nylon Korea iPad

Since I heard about Mischa’s shoot for Nylon Korea I was instantly concerned that we’d somehow miss out on seeing the photos simply due to lack of availability. Well it turns out I was wrong. Royally wrong. Not only was the magazine fairly easy to get a copy of (scans below) but literally a few days after the physical magazine landed in my mailbox, the iPad edition of Nylon Korea was also released. So, here are the iPad captures of Mischa’s photos.

I think the color and sharpness of these make them look much better than the featured scans below.

Now that we’ve got Mischa’s Nylon shoot down pat, I’ve moved on to being concerned about the availability of the Middle Eastern editions of Grazia magazine and L’Officiel. Mischa will be featured in both publications very soon so I hope that we’ll somehow get these images too. Any Middle Eastern Mischa fans out there that can help with these, please do e-mail me.

2 Responses

N. Says:

Wow She’s so FABULOUS in this shoot !!! :)

Olly Says:

Fantastic shoot Nylon Korea! <3 <3 <3. Design,concept,clothes,beauty..all light years ahead of Tyler Shields old rope.

(Sorry long-term comment continuous digs at fatuous art tyro Tyler Shields must be getting well wearisome by now.I'll TRY to curb it a bit after this.)

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