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Nylon Magazine Party

Finally! A new event. It feels like it’s been ages since the last one. And she looks awesome 😀 Photos of Mischa at the Nylon Magazine 11th Anniversary Celebration have been uploaded.

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ahmed & mischa Says:

My eyes >> Miss u
My Lips >> Kiss u
My Feeling >> Love u
My Body >> Need u
My Heart Just 4 u,
I will die without u

ahmed and mischa = love ………….

Lila Says:

She looks absolutely stunning!

But that guy over seriously freaks me out… it´s getting quite extreme and it´s almost like spam, can´t he be blocked from commenting??

Sara Says:

Totally agree Lila- a bit too sexual for comfort.

L. Says:

Agreed, creepy.

vera Says:

yes .. hahaa… FREAK!

vera Says:

by the way .. Mischa looks thin at these pics… especially her face! … don’t you think that too guys???


mischa fan Says:

that guy is scary!

Sam Says:

Agreed. The comments are a little freaky, lol.

Sorry Ahmed, you’ve been placed on the blacklist. At least I think so. Never really tried to block a user before. We’ll see if it works.

Lila Says:

@ Sam: Thank you!! :D:D Now I won´t be scared to read the comments anymore, haha.

@ Vera: Yes, I guess it shows how clothing and camera angles can seriously make you look thinner/heavier. (And then the obvious sucking in of the cheeks, I wish she wouldn´t do that. She sure doesn´t need to!)

hswudw Says:


dfsdfge Says:

misch = love

dfsdfge Says:

ilove mischa

mischa fan Says:

hahaah the freak again with other nickname lol!

LostSoul Says:

Stunning. Now that’s a sexy style. Perfection, Mischa…Perfection!

Vera Says:

@Lila: you’re right with the sucking in of the cheeks!!


but really this freak is soooo annoying!!!!!! .. live your own life and find a girl who can possibly love you too?!!!!

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