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Nylon Preview

A preview of Mischa’s cover for the upcoming issue of Nylon magazine has surfaced online. Scan courtesy LucyInTheSky from The Fashion Spot.

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Blubarton Says:

I’m sorry but that is an awful, awful photograph. She is hunched over, dressed as a cowboy (what the?) and obviously playing on her drug (marijuana) rep (smoking grass huh?). So not cool. Hopefully the photos inside are better.

Gary Says:

I think she looks great in this picture even though I think its a tad extreme in a way. I think it could have been worse, but I do think it just an expression of the photographer.

Georgia Says:

Eww. She looks awful tbh. I REALLY hope the pics in the mag are better, not just for our pleasure but for MB’s sake. Mischa’s bad press has died a lot and the last thing she needs is crap written about her again!

ella Says:

Why is she hunched over? Really not flattering (for anyone!), especially with a bare stomach! I can’t say I really like the cover – cowboy theme, button on jeans open…not my thing.

Gemma Says:

Shut up. This cover is freaking AWESOME! She’s so cool, seriously.

katie Says:

she is perfect!

Ashley Says:

I leave in texas…

So for beening a texan…. I am flatter and happy this looks cowgirl thing going on…

They have picture all wrong about cowgirl…. The grass coming out, would be cowboy thing…..

Unbottom jean would also be cowboy thing….

lol Then again there are some strange woman out there!!! lol

I love Mischa, she can all most fit in here in Texas…. But, she got to much city in her…. She city girl!!!! She can pull look off great!!!!

i love ya mischa…..

I hope all is well!!!


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