Mischa has finally entered the world wide web with the launch of her official website. Check it out here. She’s left an awesome welcome message and there are a ton of photos from her trip to Africa. Hopefully we get regular video updates and exclusive photos through the site. Like us, Mischa’s site is also affiliated with the CelebBuzz network.

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  1. Joanem Michel

    Thursday, July 24, 2009
    Dear Mischa Barton
    I think you have a sacred talent to tape the eye at first seen. Behind and beyond the scene I also think you need a good dose of maturity -science, experience, kindness- to share a little and receive mostly.
    For my part I keep a little of your beauty in my eyes

    Goodbye beauty
    Kiss you baby
    Joanem Michel

  2. bethan pitcher

    mischa , i love you always have always will you have grown into a beutiful lovely woman and i love you xxx please reply i really love you xxxx ur amazing and clever and beutiful and amazing and your always on my mind and i can’t het you out of no matter what i will ALWAYS and FOREVER love you x i can’t explain how much i love you its more than words can say , its too much to wright its a bible x i love you x pls
    reply xx i love you x


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