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Offline Promo Shot

The Facebook page for Mischa’s upcoming Lifetime movie Offline has been updated with some cast photos. This is the shot that was featured of Mischa:

According to IMDb, Offline is scheduled to screen in March 2012 so if that date is accurate, we should have a trailer come out pretty soon.

And while I’m on the topic of Facebook, I’ve started a page of so go on and visit 😀 I’m one of the few people left in the world who has previously never used Facebook, so you’ll have to bare with me while I learn to use it properly for updates.

3 Responses

yassora Says:

wow great news ,,thanks about ur update
i’m so happy good luck mischaaaaaaa!!!!

love u 2

yassora Says:

Hi guys : (just- remember)
When I remember this talk
I feel that Mischa > great success coming
I think Ashton is right i agree with him and, we need to support Micha forever
she Is now better than ever and must support in order to reach the heights of success

see it links and see says (Ashton Kutcher Says Mischa Barton Is

Piero Says:

You are a marvel !
And ‘since 31-dec-2011 that no news from you.
I miss you very much, too

I love you, thanks Sam

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