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“Offline” Promotional

The folks behind Mischa’s upcoming Lifetime movie Offline have created a Facebook page and here are the promotional materials that have been added. The film is due to screen sometime in 2012 (I believe during the first part of the year unless that has been pushed).

These are the promotional stills from the movie. You’ll notice that one of the stills is of a painting (used in the movie) from one of Mischa’s real life photoshoots for The Face.

Thirteen years ago, Aiden Ashley’s world was torn apart after an online stalker followed her into the real world and broke into the Ashley family home to claim the object of his desire. The resulting night of terror ended with the murders of both Aiden’s mother and father. The stalker escaped the scene without Aiden seeing his face; he is gone without a trace, an unknown man, a murderer now watching Aiden’s every move.

To escape this danger Aiden spends the next 13 years offline, in therapy and secluded anonymity. She has never had a meaningful relationship but after being convinced by her good friend and art dealer, Winton Cornelis, she has a public art-opening gala. At her opening she meets, Paul Rogers. Paul and Aiden immediately have a connection, and though Aiden is wary of any man’s attention she feels that Paul can be trusted.

Detective James Page continues to work the cold case. He enlists cyber security specialist/hacker Jack Dayton to research Aiden’s life. Jack is considered to be a genius. He soon finds that Aiden’s stalker has not gone away, he is watching, patiently waiting for the right time to act. The ‘unknown man’ follows Aiden daily, lurking in the shadows and mostly hiding in plain sight. He enters her home and installs cameras. He loves watching Aiden from his hi-tech lair; he wants Aiden for himself and has a plan to make that happen.

Winton is found with suspicious financial transactions regarding Aiden’s account; he becomes a “person of interest”. Paul is revealed as having a violent past, then he too becomes a “person of interest”… could one of them be Aiden’s stalker? Why is Detective Page so focused on Aiden’s case? He is still working a cold case after 13 years? Who should Aiden trust in a web of deception where no one may be who they seem?

The ‘unknown man’ becomes more agitated and increasingly desperate, he creates a way to become more prominently inserted into Aiden’s life. He is there in front of her every day but his intensions are invisible to her and everyone around her. The ‘unknown man’ wants Aiden only for himself and will do anything to anyone to have her for keeps… But this time Aiden is no longer a frightened teenage girl; she has a new life and is willing to fight for love, freedom and life itself.

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