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Scans from Mischa’s world exclusive spread in OK! UK have been added. Big thanks to Mel for sending them in. Pretty much all the recent news bursts that have been making the rounds on blogs have come from this magazine spread.

*UPDATED* The missing page 4 has now been added.

4 Responses

Chrissy Says:

First thanks for posting the article. I was really looking forward to reading it.

But wow, I would have loved to give her the benefit of the doubt but she comes off as a bit bitchy and self-righteous here.

She doesnt’ even address the fact she kept Fearne waiting – just that they never said anything about it being a problem. Mischa should get a grip about making obnoxious comments about Lindsay and Paris, not that I like them, but there are a lot of negative things that can be said about Mischa.

And she is airing her own laundry – don’t go criticizing others and then do it yourself. She really doesn’t help herself with this article.

But she did get paid for it as is the custom with OK magazine.

Olly Says:

So who elected you,Chrissy,to be the self-appointed judge and jury of the character and behaviour of Mischa Barton? You’re as impertinent as vapid Fearne. Those without sin cast the first stone….judge not lest ye be judged.
If I had an insufferable,ingratiating,bogus,two-faced,deeply superficial – ‘ooh…look there’s Gwen and Gavin!’ – snot like Cotton following me around, I’d leave ’em waiting for hours dangling in the wind too. Why didn’t FC fair-mindedly address her complaints to MB’s face on film and give her the right to reply? That’s the least that Michael Moore does.

raena Says:

well olly there was no ‘Cotton following’ Mischa around, Mischa INVITED her into her house and for the interview. I know you must be a big fan of Mischa Barton, but you can’t help but acknowledge that she doesn’t come across positively in the interview. And I doubt that solely due to interpretation or the way she has been constructed to appear, it seems to just be her natural self

ij Says:

Actaully, I thought she came off alright in this interview. She was just kind of forthright in her opinions. I don’t think she was particularly awful about Paris and Lindsey really – just factual. I thought this interview was kind of refreshing really – it is not often you hear a famous actress/celebrity talking so candidly and openly.

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