Really stunning photos of Mischa at the P3R Showroom in Century City have been uploaded. The photos are currently only in mq quality but I’ll try replace them with higher quality versions as soon as I can.

Anyone else sick of the media scrutiny being placed on Mischa’s weight? She adds a pound and she’s “fat”, then she loses a pound and she’s “too skinny”. STFU and go look at yourselves in the mirror. /end rant

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  1. Ulysses Cheung(Chinese Spelling: Zhang Bin)

    Dear Mischa, I need you help me about the future plan…

  2. lauren

    mischa looks soo stunning and amazing as always i love her dress she looks like a model in these pictures and she looks happy mischa all the way you are soo amazing

  3. ella

    She added and lost more than a pound…

    I think the media scrutiny also is due to her general haggard appearance at the moment – her face in most recent pics looks very tired and strung out (or at least somewhat tipsy) to be honest. Hopefully she is losing weight in a healthy manner.

  4. ella

    PS. On a positive note should add that she looks lovely here, very fresh and ‘old Mischa’. Pics I’m referring to most specifically are the photos at the Dior and Elie Saab shows.


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