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Random Gallery

Random gallery update today featuring various uploads to several albums. Here is the rundown:

– Scans from Elle Girl Japan (Thanks to Reina)
Hugo Boss Fashion Show Add Ons
– Promotional Stills from You and I
– Promotional Stills from Assassination of a High School President
Closing the Ring Photocall in Japan (thanks to Marie)

Mischa was also interviewed in Japan for Closing the Ring promotion a little while ago and you can view the video here. Also thanks to Marie for the link.

Mischa Barton On Gok Fashion Fix

Mischa appeared on a British fashion entertainment show hosted by Gok. The video is available to view via YouTube with thanks to Catherine for sending in the link!

Hugo Boss Fashion Show

Now in Berlin, Mischa attended the HUGO by Hugo Boss fashion show during the opening day of Berlin Fashion Week. Only a small amount of photos have been uploaded thus far so hopefully additional shots surface shortly.

Nylon Scans

Scans of the full spread from this month’s Nylon Magazine have been uploaded courtesy our very own Shanna!

Rumour: “The New Girl” & “Upstate”

Recently, Mischa has been linked to two new film roles. At this stage there has been no official press release or even a mention of either title by Mischa but nevertheless I thought I’d link to both roles here just in case something surfaces in the future.

The New Girl (aka Totally Perfect)
A plain jane teenager is offered a totalphysical makeover by a mysterious company which specializes in turning ugly ducklings into swans, guaranteeing her a place among the beautiful crowd at her school–but when she yearns for her old life back, she learns of the dark consequences of her transformation.

Hilary Duff and other actress have previously been attached to the role. Also keep in mind that this title has been in development since 2004 so it seems it regularly hits road blocks. and The New York Times both list this under Mischa’s biography. However, both sources have other false information in their databases.


The lives of four suburban families living in Upstate NY are juxtaposed before and after the 9/11 tragedy.

The Hollywood Reporter site offers a different synopsis:
Set mainly against the backdrop of the 2004 presidential election, Upstate follows a group of high schoolers conducting a mock election at school while facing dysfunctional families at home. The dramatic comedy will explore such subjects as post-adolescence and failing marriages and also use politics as a force and character.

The writer of the script says: “The movie’s really about how politics intersects in personal lives and how people use politics to band-aid personal problems instead of facing them”

There is even less information on this role and the sole source of this rumour has come from a user on the Internet Movie Databae.

And also don’t forget that Mischa was recently linked to Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain. No new information has been released on this either.

Cinema Voice

As mentioned below, Closing the Ring is about to hit Japanese theatres and the promotion has begun. Below is an interview with Mischa about the film but she also goes on to talk about different topics. There is a bit in the article that mentions Mischa had a baby, lol. Clearly something went wrong with the translator.

I thought that Ethel Ann is such a lucky woman being loved by 3 nice guys. So as a woman I was kind of jealous of her. At the same time I tried to imagine what I would do if I was in her position. So I thought this is thought provoking movie that made me think about destiny of love and also the friendship among men. Ethel Ann and Teddy thought that they would love each other for life, but if your love one died, you have to break that promise in order to move on to live your own life, but Ethel Ann kept that promise for 50 years and with that she hurt her husband and child for doing that. So, how did you understand her way of life and play this role?

Mischa Barton(M):Well, I mean, I agree with you. It’s a very romantic idea that you love one person for your whole life. I think that till death do as apart has a lot of meaning. Even my grandfather was married until his wife died and you know, he found love again as an older man, so I think you have to be opened in life to ideas. And to new relationships and people so that you grow as a person. But I think it’s a very romantic and loving idea that Ethel Ann loves him so much that she can’ let go. Really she’s traumatized by the war and all that she has to see and experience in a such a young life and she’s a very um…passionate, opened almost nai¨ve person and so she kinds of loves with everything she has and that end up really hurting her. But it’s wonderful notion and I do believe in true love like that, but…like you said I mean it does end up hurting her and she doesn’t benefit from it. But in the film, she finds that closure and you hope that she does end up with Christopher’s character.

Cinema Voice

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Mischa on SMAP

With Closing the Ring coming out in Japan this week, Mischa made the rounds a little while back to promote the movie. As part of her promotional visit, Mischa appeared on a TV show called Smap. Most of the segment is in Japanese apart from when Mischa replies but its really funny nevertheless.

Thanks to Riina for the tip!

Nylon Preview

A preview of Mischa’s cover for the upcoming issue of Nylon magazine has surfaced online. Scan courtesy LucyInTheSky from The Fashion Spot.

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