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Lakers Game

Photos of Mischa at the LA Lakers game at Staples Center have been added. Gotta love her NY cap!

I guess these are technically candids, but since it’s a public event that is routinely photographed, I’ll consider them as such.

The Hoarder Trailer

Here is the trailer for Mischa’s upcoming horror flick The Hoarder. It recently had its premiere at Frightfest Glasgow. The film also stars Robert Knepper and Emily Atack.

The trailer is a bit gory in parts and kind of spoilerish, so if you want to be surprised all the way, I suggest not watching.

For some reason, the trailer has a privacy setting on it. So you can’t watch it directly on this site, you’ll need to click the link below and watch it straight through Vimeo. Last time the trailer was posted like this, it was deleted, so if it’s gone by the time you guys read this, sorry in advance.

The Hoarder trailer from Matt Winn on Vimeo.

Professional Hairdresser Magazine Photoshoot

Here is Mischa’s stunning shoot for Professional Hairdresser magazine. One of her best, imo! The shoot features Mischa sporting the Gold Class Hair extensions via Inanch London salon.


Q&A with Deserted Director Ashley Avis

Continuing our coverage of Mischa’s latest movie Deserted (so current, it just wrapped production a few weeks ago), director Ashley Avis has very kindly taken time out of her week to answer a few questions for us.

What we have with this project is something a little different to normal in the sense that Ashley was not only the director, but also the writer, location scout and I’m sure a million other things. Additionally, most of the crew were friends or relatives, so even in just my brief contact with Ashley, you can tell that a lot of heart and soul was put into the production of this film. That alone makes it one to watch.

As I mentioned, the movie has just wrapped production so we’re still a little while away from getting release info, but I hope the following Q&A gives you a glimpse into the making of the movie. I’m sure that after reading it through, you’ll be looking forward to seeing the finished film just as much as me.

Deserted seems to be a passion project of yours, how long did it take you to write the script and then get the movie off the ground and into production?

It’s definitely a passion project – absolutely.  I’ve written dozens of drafts of this script over the past three, three and a half years.  As scripts do, Deserted has morphed and changed, ebbed and flowed.

It took about that amount of time (approximately three years) for both financing, and the right team to click into place as well.

What was your inspiration behind the screenplay? 

Death Valley, first and foremost.  A cinematographer I used to work with years ago showed me photos of Death Valley – the outstandingly, varying topography.  Sand dunes, salt flats, mountains, pinnacles – I desperately wanted to shoot something, anything in a place like that.

Most of the screenplays I write start with a location, first.  A place – a theme – and then the characters crawl out of the woodwork.  I love finding them, weaving them.  Watching them talk.  The only thing in Deserted that’s particularly close to home for me is the relationship between Jae and Robin – I’m very close to my younger brother.

We’re excited to see Mischa film a movie helmed by a female director, how did Mischa’s involvement come about? 

Thank you, that’s very kind.  Jae is an incredibly complex character, and we needed an actress that could really dig deep into her psychologically.  When we met with Mischa at our home in Venice – she came in with this beautiful openness and great story thoughts and questions about the script.  We were all incredibly impressed.

As soon as Mischa was cast, she immediately flew into her process of getting into and understanding her character.  She did a huge amount of research about women who had been incarcerated, the psychology of a character like Jae.  Mischa was also great to work with on set – she worked incredibly hard, we were constantly talking about finding the truth in the dialogue and the character dynamics.  Her performance truly matches how much she gave herself to the role.  She was outstanding.

Click the read more link below for the rest of the interview.

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Deserted Movie Stills Continued

Check out more movie stills from Mischa’s latest film Deserted. The film wrapped a few days ago, and as you’ll see from some of the pics, the locations were stunning.


Also visit the blog of director Ashley Avis and Alchemy Pictures to see the non-Mischa related pics.


Operator Trailer

Check out the trailer for Mischa’s upcoming action/thriller Operator. The movie also stars Ving Rhames, Luke Goss and Michael Pare.

Operator Trailer from Status Media & Entertainment on Vimeo.

Operator was recently picked up by Cinema Management Group for all international distribution sales.

You can also click the Vimeo page to watch the new cut trailers for Mischa’s other two upcoming Status Media movies 24 Hours and Checkmate.

Deserted Set Pics

With production on Deserted underway, director Ashley Avis has kindly taken to her website to share some pics from the set. Photos are by set photographer Marcelo Araujo.


Gallery link:


Along with the photos, Ashley has also written a set blog which will give you some insight into the movie. Here is an excerpt, but make sure to visit the website for the full blog.

It’s our first off day, and we are now through four of seventeen shooting days.  Sprits are so high.  Every part of this cast and crew is outstanding.  The performances are … magnificent.  Every person is ‘bringing it’ and Mischa Barton – our lead – who has quite a bit of complex backstory (our film starts when she is released from prison, having been incarcerated for killing her mother in defense of her father at 18) – is transformational.

It’s amazing to work with a group of people (cast) who so deeply invest in characters.  To see a script that I’ve written … and re-written … and re-written again over the past three years finally come to life is surreal.  To have actors like Mischa, Winter, Jackson, Dana, Mykie, Trent, Jasmine and Tyler … and supporting cast…

The cast includes Mischa Barton (Jae), Jackson Davis (Robin), Winter Ave Zoli (Rosemary), Trent Ford (Troy), Dana Rosendorff (Heather), Michael Milford (Dax), Kelly Brennigan (Jasmine), and Tyler Sellers (Wade).

Supporting cast includes Jake Busey (Clay), Sebastian Bach (Archer), Gerry Bednob (Lizard), Heidi James (Calico), and Lance Henriksen (Hopper).

Visit Alchemy Pictures for more.

Mischa filming Deserted

Hooray! We have some news.

Mischa is currently on set filming a movie called Deserted. It is another indie project, but the person behind it is a 27 year old female writer/director called Ashley Avis, which I think is really cool.

Here is brief synopsis:

When twenty-four-year-old Jae is released from prison for killing her mother, she returns to her childhood home in small-town Ridgecrest.

The desire to go anywhere but there prompts her to agree to join her brother on a road trip out to Death Valley … which results in getting them hopelessly lost in the most stunning, but unforgiving topographical terrain on the planet.

It appears that the movie is due to wrap on January 25th.

Here are a few pics from the set, shared by director Ashley Avis and Mischa herself on Instagram.

Deserted Deserted Deserted

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