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Production begins on I Will Follow You Into the Dark

This is the movie that kind of took us by surprise when Mischa’s involvement was unexpectedly announced by a French website. Following the original news story, we got very little additional information other than a casting call. Well, thanks to Twitter, here are a couple of tweets confirming the start date of the movie. Which is today.

The first is courtesy actress Melinda Cohen who will star in the movie alongside Mischa (and apparently ex-90210 star Ryan Eggold)

Just booked the supporting lead in a feature film starring Mischa Barton and Ryan Eggold. Table read today, first shoot day tomorrow!

The second tweet is from Christine Holder, one of the producers of the movie.

Leaving NY behind-tomorrow first day on set with Mischa!

The NY Times movie database also lists Leah Pipes as an actress in the movie.

Here is a brief synopsis of the movie.

Story follows Sophia, who is severely depressed after the deaths of both her parents within six months. Convinced that the Afterlife is mere oblivion, and that this life is meaningless, she retreats within herself, only to be drawn out of her depressive funk by an unexpected romance with a man named Adam. After Adam disappears mysteriously into the depths of a haunted apartment building, Sophia vows to pursue him, even if it means walking over the threshold into the realm of death.

And remember not to confuse this title with Into the Darkness, which Mischa is also still currently attached to film alongside Toby Hemingway and John Schneider. Mischa’s been attached to this film for a really long time so it seemed like things were a little DOA. But a casting call recently went out for supporting actors and extras with a submission deadline set for March 2012.

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L Says:

I hope to see mischa in a comedy – drama film like the devil wears prada, love actually or friends with benefit and not a shity movie like You and I, because she’s a great actress and she deserves to succeed in the Hollywood industry …

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