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Some seriously stunning photos of Mischa looking fresh and beautiful at the Pup-Peroni event in LA have been added. Mischa also got to take her dogs Charlie and Ziggy to ‘Couch Talk’ where body language expert Patti Wood was able to give advice.


These are probably some of the best photos of Mischa in 2010, imo. She looks amazing.

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Piero Says:

You are a bomb, in good shape, you’re adorable
A big hug to Ziggy & Charlie

With great affection from Italy Piero

Lady Says:

She’s looking very very goond!:) Finally! And that make-up is perfekt!:) <3 love her style!

Lady Says:

She’s looking very very good!:) Finally! And that make-up is perfekt!:) <3 love her style!

Fer Says:

She is beatiful! And her dogs are so cute

Fer Says:


Joe Says:

Mischa is really Beautiful (:

Martin Says:

I love her , she should dye her hair darker (like on the oc era or tbl) that color fits perfectly on her i prefer her as a brunette but still love her i hope her carrer gets back on track =)

Olly Says:

I agree Sam,Mischa looks wonderful and natural here – best MB pix of 2010?!! – compared to the October 10th Polo pictures.Is it less heavy make-up round the eyes that makes such a difference?
After the hard times she’s had with The Fearne Farrago and with the depression and cancellation of TBL,I’m so glad she’s bloked up and looking on the up and up! Go Mischa!

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