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According to various media sources, Mischa was out shooting scenes for her reality show in LA. The paparazzi have made the mistake of claiming this same thing before and it turned out to be footage for something else. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see since there is very little information on Mischa’s show.

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How is this possible? One day you’re pretty you’re on another heart attack
I do not want much from life that you know are crazy about you.

You are not beautiful, you’re beautiful wrapping exceptional rate

One day I’ll show what I’m willing to do for you

A love, Adored You. (Your shoes are beautiful)
Piero from Genoa

Olly Says:

Wish you could get hold of a better translator,Piero. A little bit cryptic some of your meaning there? capiche (???)

Mischa,nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!!! Surely not a Reality show? After the Fearne Cotton stitch-up,surely it’s once bitten,twice shy? Mischa’s attitude and personality are just not gonna come across well on one of those shows.Hopefully they were some relatively harmless Church Of Scientology passing cameramen just looking to waste film.
I totally agree with Piero that Mischa’s shoes are beautiful…very sexy indeed! Her whole outfit is fantastic!The length of the red yodelling shorts is just right for her legs and her hair looks lovely despite me having earlier misgivings about extensions. Go Mischa!

Kim Says:

I’m pretty sure this is the pilot that she had optioned by Oxygen network. It hasn’t been picked up yet but has been in the works well before the Fearne Cotton thing.

it’s sort of sad that she’s going this route as she always said she wouldn’t do it. Oh well, whatever pays the bills.

T.W. Says:

OMG, she looks awsome here!!! love the hair color, the outfit, the make-up, and ofcourse the shoes!!! whatever they were doing, looks like they were having a great time!!!!

Olly Says:

Interesting info,Kim.With 4 films in post-production and 5 in pre-production surely she’s not that desperately skint?
I can’t stand these ‘reality’ shows – they are a disaster waiting to happen.Kate Moss,for example, has the great good sense to not go anywhere near them and so she preserves more Iconic Mystique capital.Less is always more when it comes to public image.
Thanks to the Fearne Cotton film,I’m afraid Mischa will forever have the public rep of being a selfish flake who keeps people waiting hours on end,whatever she later gets out there to counter FC’s claims (I.E. the Hello! article defensive quotes.)

Piero Says:

Forgive me everyone,
although I love your language, have great difficulty, Mischa but I’d do anything.
Excuse me again for my translations, I love that woman, I called my son Alberto Misco just for her.


Olly Says:

Sorry (scusi?) about my ‘taking the piss’ or teasing,Piero.
Italy’s one of the most stylish countries in the world and I can’t speak/read one word…I love Lambrettas,Nanni Moretti,Roberto Rosselini,Frederico Fellini,Paolo Baresi and Vittorio De Sica in particular and I know Mischa loves visiting there.
That’s way cool you’ve named your son after her.
She is mesmerising that’s why I keep coming back here.
Ciao,Olly in London

Luke Says:

I do love Mischa but i have to say apart from the shoes, the outfit is pretty tragic :(


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