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Homecoming 2009
Release date: 26 September 2009
User Votes: 5.1
Countries: USA,
Genres: Thriller,
MPAA Rating: image
Runtime: 88 minutes
Oscars: None
Homecoming – 2009

A girl never forgets her first love…

Plot: A jilted ex-girlfriend plots revenge after her former beau comes back to their hometown with a new lover.
Story: Mike was the star quarterback in a blue-collar small town where football is everything. After receiving a scholarship to Northwestern University, he returns home over Christmas break and everyone is surprised to see him with a new girlfriend, Elizabeth, a pretty rich girl from Chicago. No one is more shocked than Mike's homecoming queen ex-girlfriend, Shelby, who desperately wants Elizabeth out of the picture. After a freak car accident leaves an injured Elizabeth at the mercy of Shelby, all hell breaks loose as Shelby does everything it takes to get Mike back.