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Rite Aid Visit

Candids of Mischa at a Rite Aid pharmacy in LA have been added. Mischa is driving a different car, so I wonder if this means Maude has retired?

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Jouse Says:

wowww she looks great!! look at her body hope for a come back this 2011 mischa…. love you!

Nono Says:

She looks wonderful in this beautiful dress 😀

Caleb Says:

You guys think she looks good? I kind of think these pics are unflattering.

ij Says:

I think some photographers TRY to take unflattering shots of her. However i think that she is one of those women that even when her hair is a bit of a mess and shes having a bad day that she STILL looks gorgeous and really attractive.

Matt Says:

Caleb says:
March 11, 2011 at 10:12 pm

You guys think she looks good? I kind of think these pics are unflattering.

i think she’s improving a lot, she’s changed her hair color, not that horrible blondee, and her body ,she looks better well at least for me =)

Luke Says:

oh boy, she’s looking a little worse for wear isn’t she :( … I still think she is beautiful though. I think if she changed her taste in shoes she would look a lot more stylish

Olly Says:

How so is she looking a little worse for wear,Luke? That is only your prejudicial interpretation.
Have a look at the following simple yet profound advert that warns against making assumptions and stereotyping people:

I think Mischa’s legs and body-type are flattered more by this close fitting white dress than the looser above-the-knee skirts which can make her pear-figured legs look a bit stocky sometimes compared to celeb beauties with amazing toned gams like Aniston or Paltrow.From the little I know It seems to me MB’s having a pretty successful 2011 ; geezered up with DJ Ali and plenty of work,(never mind the 2010 produced Bhopal & You & Me misfires).>>>>Go Mischa,forwards my lovely!>>>>

Paolo Says:

Dear beloved Mischa,

for me it’s always you

Who loves you, it’s because he loves you
regardless of your looks. One kiss (I hope that you still MAUDE)

Saluti da Savona, Piero

ij Says:

like a lot of cars (especially Italian ones!) Maude looked great but just didn’t work…

ij Says:

it must be strange really if you think about it – you just pop down to the pharmacy, get photographed and people comment on how you look etc – fame is a bit weird…

Olly Says:

A disgusting salacious video has just been released on YouTube video called ‘Mischa Barton Attacks!’
The provocative pre-planned stitch-up ambush on Mischa at the SXSW festival by a pathetic little radio sidekick,a ‘Dennis Pennis with a cell but without the wit’ weed.I’m not a violent man by any means but in this case I would feel compelled to act; the snivelling spit that styles himself ‘Lunchbox’ would have a swift kick in the lunchbox followed by a Glasgow kiss.Bang-out-of-order unfunny harrassment and a swift bit of 17 stone London force (me) would sort this slimy jerk right out tout-de-suite.Of course Perez Hilton has picked up on the The Bobby Barnes radio show will be thrilled…. makes me so mad.

Olly Says:

Apologies Sam and reader(s?) for my unnecessarily vehement OTT & intemperate comment above.

Hopefully this stunt is just a storm in a teacup,quickly forgotten & Mischa manages to enjoy the rest of the fest.I take a modicum of comfort that the two highest rated comments on YouTube are both on Mischa’s side.

(Should have been ‘malicious’ not ‘salacious’ above and ‘Bobby Bones’ not Barnes.)

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