Photos of Mischa at the Rosa Clara 15th Anniversary Dinner have been added. Still having a meltdown from the previous set of photos, these just add a cherry to an already breath taking evening.

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  1. Piero

    Not only a wonderful woman
    you’re a bride from myocardial.

    You are adorable. One kiss
    A huge thanks for all …

  2. Josue

    Great photos, Mischa looks really gorgeous….STUNNING…iam very happy for her, finally she’s doing well, she lookks amazing.
    My favorite actress…she must considering the modeling career. Love U mischa…Josue from Puerto Rico

  3. Oliver Tuck

    What a difference a continent seems to make!
    Another Euro Triumph…so much more Mischa-Enrichening than Dismal LA freeway-shuffling.Bet Maud would prosper in The Old World too.


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