Candids of Mischa running errands in Beverly Hills have been added.

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  1. Piero

    You are always beautiful, but
    beautiful boots do not

    one small kiss, thanks as always Sam (

  2. Olly

    Unusual eclectic ensemble from a more-than-usually skinny & gaunt yet heartstoppingly beautiful,Mischa.The jacket is redolent of the sort of thing Margaret Rutherford (St Trinians/Miss Marple) might wear in the 1940/50′s in austere post-war England down-at-heel country house stinking of dog.I like the shimmery striped white/silverery pantaloons;they seem 16th Century whirling dervish arabesque and Piero makes a good point about the unflattering boots.Why on earth are these heavy black work boot unfeminine clodhoppers all the rage right now?

    Great to have seen so many MB pix recently.
    Praying fervently she enjoys a palpable Box Office commercial hit in 2012.

    Mischa forever! <3 <3 <3 xx


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