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Sayers Club

Photos of Mischa leaving the Sayers club in LA following the event below have been added. Little bit of lipstick smearing happening, lol.

Sayers Club Sayers Club Sayers Club Sayers Club

Extra photos from the gala itself have also been added since the initial post.

4 Responses

Chris K Says:

Hello ! I started a tumblr about Mischa ! Would you like to check it out ? Thank you !

Jo Says:

I think it’s probably fair to say that it looks like she’s had a bit of a tipple there…

One of the papers here made a rather valid comment when talking about these pictures – They mentioned that there’s been no sign of her out anywhere with Sebastian Knapp, or even mentions of sightings of them together, for a long time. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it…..

Sam Says:

Sebastian is the one driving the car in these actual photos.

ij Says:

everyone has the right to get a little sloshed every now and then!

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