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Shanghai Film Festival

As part of Mischa’s trip for the Shanghai Film Festival, she also attended a press conference. It took way longer than expected to get the photos, but finally they’ve been added.

There is also a YouTube where you can see Mischa’s interview. She comes on after the singing man.

5 Responses

Piero Says:

always beautiful, adored Mischa
I hope soon to come home, I wish you the best of everything

I love

Tete Says:

wonderful Mischa.

@RealChrisWilde Says:

Great website, I favorited you ;)) Mischa’s amazing

oliver tuck Says:

Nothing for 17 days :-(

*tumbleweed brushes by*

Is Mischa on holiday?
Is Sam on holiday?
Are both Mischa and Sam on holiday at the same time?
Really missing a recent fix of Ms Barton’s beautiful face.
God Bless Her. Hope she’s having a cracking summer where-ever or who-ever she is with.

Sam Says:

I’m not on holiday, just haven’t seen any news or photos of Mischa since she wrapped filming Offline :(

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