Mischa seems to be hiding out from the media at the moment so I don’t have anything new to post at the moment, but David did kindly send through a video of Mischa walking the red carpet at the Shanghai Film Festival. Check it out below.

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  1. TheLord

    Curious, what was the reason for her being there? It’s not the case that she’s a movie star…

  2. Olly

    ‘Mischa seems to be hiding out from the media at the moment’
    Hmmm…are you so sure Sam? They seemed to have no problem finding her when her reputation and popularity were at their zenith (OC time).When was her last hit tv show or film? Comissioning Editors have sussed that photos of her don’t sell as much as a few years back.I’m sorry to write all this ‘cos I think she’s talented,beautiful,all-round fantastic and will be fascinated iin what she’s doing and what she looks like until I’m brown bread.

  3. Caleb

    What you say is true, Olly, but I think she has recently tried a little more to avoid the paps, unless it’s to promote something or is attending an event. But anyways, she is stunning in this video (but most of the time she is stunning anyways lol)


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