Candids of Mischa out and about shopping in LA have been uploaded. These are from the day before she got her hair done (posted below).

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  1. Piero

    Hello darling Mischa
    if one day I win a lottery millionaire
    share it with you, I love you

  2. Piero

    A real thanks to exist, you make me happy

    Thanks a Sam and

    I adore you Mischa

  3. mischa ex-fan

    Mischa= EPIC FAIL!
    Every time I enter this blog, i’m with the hope that she maybe dye her hair brown again or she probably change her clothes or maybe see her like with a good make up, but she still the same.
    Please Mischa don’t dissapoint your fans from the very beginning of your career and do something good for yourself.
    I love you.


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